Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • Petrochemical Companies
  • PDH Unit Operators
  • Polyolefin Producers
  • Midstream Providers
  • Refineries
  • E&P Companies
  • Plastic Manufacturers
  • Trading Firms

With the following job titles:

CEOs, COOs, Presidents, VPs, Directors, Managers Of:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Feedstock Supply
  • Propylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Olefins
  • Gasoline
  • Fuels
  • Commercial
  • Market Analysis

Plus suppliers of:

  • PDH Technology
  • EPC
  • Propylene Production Equipment
  • Vessel Manufacturers
  • Water Treatment Companies
  • Technology
  • Logistics & Shipping Services
  • Plastics and Petrochemical Brokers
  • Blending Services
  • Transloaders
  • Terminal Builders
  • Reactor Equipment


With petrochemical feedstocks continuing to shift away from naphtha and C3 volumes diminishing, more and more companies are looking to on purpose production and alternative sources to capitalize on the supply gap.

On top of this, growing derivative demand is creating an enormous market for additional supply, with an estimated additional 18 million metric tonnes of polypropylene capacity required by 2024, further driving the business case for expansion projects.

The global propylene market is estimated to reach $172.05 billion by 2020, but what are the most profitable strategies to capitalize on supply demand dynamics?

  • In depth assessment of forecasted propylene production from traditional crackers, refiners and planned PDH projects must be undertaken on a region by region basis to identify the geographic need for additional capacity, as well as the greatest propane feedstock export opportunities.
  • Propane production and supply infrastructure also requires careful assessment, to provide strategies for securing propane feedstocks and the reveal the long term viability of PDH projects
  • Technology costs and efficiencies must be evaluated to contrast economics and optimize equipment selection, including PDH and MTO
  • Derivative markets must be quantified and pinpointed to target the greatest demand opportunities worldwide, including polypropylene, propylene oxide/glycol, acrylonitrile and more

The 2nd Annual Propane to Propylene Markets Summit, following on from last year's groundbreaking summit, remains the industry's only dedicated C3 value stream forum, identifying the greatest opportunities and investment economics for propane, propylene and its derivatives and providing exclusive insights into these critical issues and more.

Day 1 will focus on analyzing propylene production projects worldwide alongside feedstock pricing dynamics and capital costs and revealing the long-term economics of on purpose propylene production plans and regional feedstock supply opportunities

Day 2 will focus on propane and propylene derivative export opportunities, offering an in depth analysis of global derivative consumption, propane markets and logistical costs as well as the comparative economics for propylene production technology investment.

Key Topics Covered Will Include:

  • ECONOMIC RATIONALE FOR EXPANSION: Region-By-Region Analysis Of Propylene Capacity Expansion Projects To Assess Ongoing Competitiveness Of North American Investments
  • CAPITAL COSTS: In Depth Analysis Of Capital Costs For On Purpose Propylene Projects And Their Impact On Long Term Project Viability And Investment Returns
  • PROPANE MARKET OPPORTUNITIES: Detailed Assessment Of Feedstock Pricing And Availability, As Well As The Global Opportunities For Propane Exports And Market Access Costs
  • DERIVATIVE EXPORT MARKET OPPORTUNITIES: Revealing Specific Market Opportunities For Propylene And Its Derivatives Including Polypropylene, Propylene Oxide, Acrylonitrile And Alkylation
  • TECHNOLOGY ECONOMICS: Scrutinizing Economics For Propylene & Derivative Production Technologies To Determine Critical Selection Factors Given Pricing Volatility 
  • ENTIRE VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS: The Only Conference Evaluating The Entire Propane, Propylene & Derivative Value Chains, Providing Detailed Analysis From Production To Market




The Only Event To Reveal Strategies To Maximize C3 Investment & Market Profitability Through...

  • LEADING INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES: The Only Conference Bringing Together Petrochemical Companies, NGL/LPG Suppliers, Derivative Manufacturers And Industry Marketers To Evaluate The Future Of The Propylene Value Chain
  • C3 VALUE STREAM: The Industry's Only Dedicated Event Revealing Opportunities Across The Entire C3 Value Stream, From Propane To Propylene To Derivatives
  • PROPYLENE PRODUCTION PROJECTS WORLDWIDE: Region By Region Analysis Of Propylene Capacity Expansion Projects, Critical To Understanding The Ongoing Competitiveness Of US Expansion
  • CAPITAL COSTS: In Depth Analysis Of The Ongoing Capital Costs For On Purpose Propylene Projects, Critical To Understanding Long Term Project Viability
  • DERIVATIVE MARKETS: The Congress Will Reveal Specific Market Opportunities For Propylene Derivatives, Including Polypropylene, Propylene Oxide, Acrylonitrile And Acrylic Acid
  • TECHNOLOGY ECONOMICS: Economics For Propylene & Derivative Production Technologies Will Be Scrutinized To Assess The Commercial Viability Of Emerging & Existing Supply Strategies
  • PROPANE SUPPLY & EXPORT OPPORTUNITIES: A Detailed Assessment Of Feedstock Availability And Access Will Be Delivered, Including NGL Production Forecasts, Transportation Infrastructure, Export Flows And Alternative Propane Demand Sources


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